One of the greatest gifts you can make to yourself …is to give someone else a gift; This great feeling of giving lasts longer than the one of receiving and so it is said that it promotes happiness.

And this is exactly how I feel and exactly what I was thinking when I created the “Love in a Little Box”. No, it’s not a simple gift. It’s not a simple gift certificate. It is all these incredible feelings you experience from the art of giving. Love, enthusiasm, impatience, joy, affection. Everything beautifully placed in a fabulous and luxurious box. Ready to be opened by the one you choose and feel all these incredible feelings for. Even if you are far away, with this gift you will be very close.

How to send a “Love in a Little Box”.

  • Fill in the form below with a wish for the recipient, as well as their details.
  • Choose a service or amount of money you want to allocate.
  • Choose the payment method.

If you want your gift to be even more special, send me an email to see how I can help. And don’t forget, the most beautiful ideas can become a reality.

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    Ένα από τα μεγαλύτερα δώρα που μπορείς να κάνεις στον εαυτό σου είναι… να χαρίσεις εσύ ένα δώρο σε κάποιον. Ξέρεις πόσο όμορφο είναι αυτό το συναίσθημα! Γιατί το ψυχικό όφελος είναι πολλές φορές μεγαλύτερο όταν δίνεις κάτι όμορφο, παρά όταν το λαμβάνεις.