Body Scrub

The skin is the largest organ of your body, and as you grow older, it will look for ways to “breath” better. And do you know how you can help? Yes, with body scrubs and moisturizing treatments. This is the best, easiest and most fun way to help your skin.

Body scrubs eliminate excess dead cells, fine lines and the appearing of wrinkles. It unclogs pores so it is ready to receive all the beneficial natural ingredients I use in my unique scrubs and moisturizing products. So your skin is left clean, soft as a velvet, hydrated and glowing.


This treatment will eliminate dead skin cells and remove the built up of sunscreens and any other products left on its surface. Your skin will be able to breathe, and this will show in its appearance. It will be ready to welcome a long-lasting tan or if you’ve had too much sun exposure it will be relieved, and you will feel rejuvenated. This is also a wonderful pre-wedding treat. But you don’t really need a reason to enjoy the benefits of a body scrub. All you need is time, dedicated to yourself.

Yes, after 30 mins, you will be asking for more!

What will I do for you:

Prepare all senses. Let’s start with the sense of smell. Handmade rose waters, natural olive pits or wild cherries, wonderful natural ingredients with aromas from my blessed homeland, Lesvos. We continue with the vision by adding beautiful local rose petals that naturally color the scrub that I will create for you and enriches it with fascinating ingredients fruitful for your skin.

The sense of touch. With gentle and steady movements, we exfoliate the body, starting from the feet and ending with the back. Vision. Each cell of your skin will find its place in its new radiant and velvety appearance. And you will see this. After this healing for the skin massage, comes the sense of sound. The most beautiful of all. It comes from my childhood and through a handmade wind chime that plays melodies with the wind. My father has made this to help me guide myself to relaxation. So as its sound has touched my soul so many times throughout the years, I hope and wish it does the same to you through this magical treatment that awakes all four senses.


My workshop is filled with aromas when I create the special formulas and mixtures I use. Refined products from our rich nature. With this full body moisturizing treatment all these nutrients are absorbed and penetrated deeper into your skin. Imagine it as a “moisturizing explosion” that will provide your skin with the nourishment it needs and the glow you need.

In just 20 mins, your skin will look and feel different.

What will I do for you:

The most effective and valuable raw materials are used to make natural products that will penetrate your skin and activate the natural functions of the body through certain massage movements that “revive” your skin and moisturize it as it has never been before.

Your body and spirit will calm down. You will relax and drift away as you enjoy the healing properties of this treatment, until a wonderful and unique sound of a wind chime will bring you back to your “new” wonderful reality.

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