From a young age I remember swimming in the blue waters of the Aegean Sea. But, in addition to my contact with the gurgling waters, I strongly remember having contact with …sea urchin spines! But it’s natural. Our waters are clean and full of life, so no matter how careful we are when swimming, since the sea urchins’ “dwell” in the shallows, it is a natural consequence at some point in our lives to step on one.

Removal of sea urchin spines

After 15 years of experience, I can assure you that even if you step on a sea urchin, there is a method to remove its spines, without pain or bleeding, and in no time! Here at Anna Liamo Day Spa the need to take care of my family and friends first and then our tourists helped me come up with a special technique of removing sea urchin spines from feet. So it may be common to step on a sea urchin but now it is also common to remove its spine.


So there are thousands of reasons to dive into the blue waters of the Aegean Sea and not even one not to.

The cost of this service depends on each case. It varies depending on the severity of the sting and it changes for every 15 minutes of service.

What will I do for you:

A few words about the sea urchin.

Testimonies say that since 3000 BC the sea urchin has many who “adore” it. (Imagine how many people have stepped on some since then!) It is in the same category of marine animals just as the starfish, which are its worst enemies (apart from humans). The most unique characteristic of the sea urchin is its spines, with which it moves. Its most well-known colors include black, dark green, olive, purple, brown and red. There are around 700 species which are edible. You can mostly see them on rocky shores and it is said that the most “full of seafood” sea urchins, you will find them when the moon is full. The best sea urchins are said to be the red ones; today the sea urchin is considered a protected species and its capture is done with a special permit.

When someone steps on a sea urchin, the spines penetrate the skin and while at first the discomfort is small, the pain reaches its maximum intensity within 15 to 30 minutes. The skin gets irritated and may appear to be red and to swell around the area where the spines went in. Occasionally a lump may appear even months after the injury. It is advisable to contact a specialist immediately after the injury. And don’t forget… Anna Liamo Day Spa is here for you.

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Ένα από τα μεγαλύτερα δώρα που μπορείς να κάνεις στον εαυτό σου είναι… να χαρίσεις εσύ ένα δώρο σε κάποιον. Ξέρεις πόσο όμορφο είναι αυτό το συναίσθημα! Γιατί το ψυχικό όφελος είναι πολλές φορές μεγαλύτερο όταν δίνεις κάτι όμορφο, παρά όταν το λαμβάνεις.